Toby could smell Runo Masaki from the moment she stepped into his kennel chamber, and in one great stride he was in front of her, panting in greeting as she smiled up at him.

RUNO: Hey there, Toby! (Waves)

Runo giggled as Toby licked her waving hand, his tongue pressing against her whole arm and shoulder and drenching them in warm slobber, which she didn't mind at all.

RUNO: Look what I got here, boy! A nice girl for you to lick!

A mischievous grin adorning her face, the blue-haired tomboy pulled out a white cloth.

RUNO: This belongs to my girly friend, Julie! Go on, take a few whiffs! Doesn't she just smell divine?

Toby sniffed the cloth over, finding the perfume-laced human scent that lingered on it to be just as good as Runo made it out to be, so he barked and nodded affirmatively.

RUNO: She looks good too! Tan skin, silver hair, skimpy pink clothes, and some nice long legs...

Runo playfully punctuated her description of Julie by sticking her fingers in her mouth and giving a loud wolf-whistle, then followed it up with another one as she repeatedly stamped her foot on the ground as hard as she could. This got the giant Basset Hound all the more riled up and determined to hunt down this friend of Runo.

RUNO: Oooh, you really wanna meet her badly, don'cha? Don'cha, boy? Then go smell her out and then give her all the loving you can muster!


Barking affirmatively, Toby bounded off, sniffing the ground as he followed the delightful scent of Julie Makimoto.  Julie was taking a walk in the woods when she heard barking in the distance.

JULIE: Hmm? That's unusually loud...and getting louder...and louder...and WAH!

Julie was knocked to the ground by the earth shaking beneath her feet. When she looked up and saw Toby coming her way, she squeaked in alarm. Panicking, she crawled backward on her hands and feet and hid behind a large tree, not even thinking of the fact that such a giant dog could easily sniff out her hiding place.

JULIE: Maybe if I stay real quiet and don't move, he'll go away.

As soon as she was through saying that, Toby's head popped into view in front of her, grinning and panting in delight as he laid eyes on the girl.

JULIE: Eeeeeek!

Splat! Toby's large, dripping wet tongue smacked against Julie's petite body and gave her a big lick.

JULIE: Eecch! Slobber!

As Julie wrung her hands, Toby was smacking his lips, licking them afterward as an indication of how tasty he found Julie's tanned skin to be. Runo enters the scene at this point, laughing rather maniacally. Julie looks outraged and points a finger at the other girl.

JULIE: Runo! You sent this overgrown mutt after me, didn't you!?

RUNO: Uh-huh! I just had to introduce Toby to my friend, the irresistable Julie! And turns out I did him a favor, right boy?

Toby nodded vigorously, then moved closer toward Julie, who gave a squeak and scooted backward with her arms thrust in front of her.

JULIE: Nononononono! Stay back! Please! What!

Toby swung his tongue down at Julie again, sweeping across her in a spray of drool.

JULIE: Eeeyuck!

Runo clutched her ribs as she laughed at the sight of Julie soaking-wet.

RUNO: Pahahahahahahahaha! Good boy, Toby!

Julie gave a pouty frown at Toby as the dog smiled and panted at her, his warm breath blowing against her soaked body. But after a few seconds, this frown flipped upside-down and formed a smile as she giggled.

JULIE: Awww, he's cute! And a big sweetheart!

TOBY: Woof!

Toby slurped Julie in another affectionate lick, this time with her laughing as it happened.

JULIE: Hahahaha! Do I taste nice?

Toby nodded affirmatively, happily licking his lips as he did.

JULIE: Well, that's good to know!

RUNO: Sure, but it means there's gonna be a lot more dog slobber in your future!

Runo's statement was punctuated by Toby licking Julie again, his tongue moving slower this time, as well as trailing alot more drool behind.

JULIE: Pfffff-Hahahahahahahaha! All right, I guess I can get used to that!

RUNO: Atta girl!

Walking over to Julie, Runo wrapped her friend in a tight one-armed hug, in a somewhat teasing manner.

RUNO: Way to be more open-minded!

JULIE: What are you talking about? I'm always open-minded! In fact...

Julie returned the one-armed hug and then turned to Toby with a wink.

JULIE: How about it, boy? Would you like a two-for-one? Me and Runo?

Nothing could please Toby more than the thought of planting his tongue on two pretty girls, except their combined tastes. With a huge slurping lick, Toby drenched both Runo and Julie in a new wave of slobber.

RUNO & JULIE: Tehahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Toby loved their combined tastes, and proceeded to repeat the same process!

RUNO & JULIE: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! We love you too, Toby!

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