Kallen Kozuki, the scantily-clad redheaded teenage Japanese delinquent, was shaking and sweating as she hid beneath the curtains. The giant hound Toby had been assigned to track her down and apprehend her, and by the sound of his exuberant barking, Kallen could tell that he had picked up her scent.

KALLEN: Oh man...oh man...

The girl continued to wait nervously as she heard loud snuffling sounds coming from outside the curtain, and felt small tremors in the ground with each step the massive dog took.  But after a while, it all stopped.  Kallen breathed in a deep sigh of relief and wiped the sweat from her brow.

KALLEN: Heh...guess I eluded the mutt! Better run...

Then a new sound started up, the sound of deep, heavy panting.  Kallen's whole body froze up, and her eyes widened as drops of saliva began seeping through the top of the curtain.  Before she could even scream, the whole curtain was ripped away by Toby's teeth, and the dog looked right at her with a grin.


Before she knew it, Kallen was being licked from toes to head by Toby's gigantic tongue. The massive shower curtain of a tongue dragged slowly up Kallen's body, lifting her cheeks up and tilting her head back as it slid up her face before finally slurping off of her in a spray of drool. Kallen managed to land on her feet but she staggered a few steps backward, wiping her cheek with one hand as she looked at Toby. Toby looked back at her, his giant tongue hanging out of his mouth as he grinned at her. Kallen giggled.

KALLEN: Hehehe...You don't seem so bad after all. Hehe!

Toby shook his head before his tongue flew out again, its tip splatting against Kallen's entire face as she found herself licked from chin to hairline by the massive tongue. Kallen staggered backward again, a surprised expression on her face before she giggled at the antics of the giant dog. Toby wagged his tail in happiness and barked at Kallen, who held her arms out.

KALLEN: Alright boy, I surrender. Do whatever you want! You can lick me, if that's what you wanted!

Sssssssluuuuuurp! Toby swept his tongue across Kallen's body once more, taking its time slurping off of her broad, muscular shoulders in a wild spray of saliva. Kallen fell to her knees, laughing uproariously.

KALLEN: Kahahahahahahahahahahahaa! That tickles!

Toby hung over Kallen, his tongue swiping again and again as he slobbered all over Kallen's face and body in great sprays of drool, Kallen's cheeks bouncing up and down each time Toby's giant tongue slurped across her face. Each time he licked her, Kallen twisted and turned on the floor, clutching her ribs as she laughed loudly and boisterously.


After a while, Kallen finally laughed herself into submission, allowing Toby to gently lift her in the air with his teeth and take her to the kennel.

KALLEN: Man, we're gonna have tons of fun together!

At just the thought of this idea, this got Toby excited, causing him to recklessly move around, which in turn made Kallen fall off of Toby.

KALLEN: Ugh! Man, that hurt...

Since she was lying on the ground, Toby seized the opportunity to kiss her, slathering her with his giant tongue, which left a puddle of slobber behind.

KALLEN: Tehahahahahahahahahahahaha! Thanks, Toby!

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