Toby was presently on a case for Basil, and was sniffing around downtown for clues. His nose was pressed to the ground and inhaling deeply, until it caught whiff of an astonishing human scent. Toby was instantly curious and excited, he had to find who it was that smelled so good!

The person in question turned out to be Kaname Chidori, a teenage girl with long blue hair, long athletic legs, and a well-developed chest. She was taking a walk outside the subway station when she heard the earth shake beneath her, and she fell onto her butt.

KANAME: Ow! What the-is this an earthquake?

She was answered by Toby bounding into view, looking around for the source of the amazing scent that entered his nose. Kaname was startled by the big dog in front of her.

KANAME: Woah! Who are you?

Toby was drawn to the attention of the source of the scent, which caused him to pant up a storm from seeing how beautiful she was. Kaname, not at all afraid of the dog despite his size, looked up at his tag and grinned.

KANAME: Ah, so your name's Toby, huh?

Toby nodded in response, giving a rather slow lick up the side of Kaname's face.

KANAME: Heheheheh! Thanks! And I like the name.

Kaname wiped the slobber off of her face and started rubbing Toby's big black nose.

KANAME: Wow, your nose is so soft...

Toby chuckled to himself and started getting a whiff of Kaname with said nose, causing her to giggle.

KANAME: Like my scent, boy?

Toby barked happily in reply, sniffing her over some more before Toby giving her a face full of his tongue!

KANAME: Hahahaha! Wow, looks like you LOVE it!

Indeed he did. So much so, that Toby wanted to show it in the form of another giant lick to her whole face, enveloping it in his tongue, lifting her off the ground a few feet as a result.

KANAME: Hahahahahahaha! Yep, you sure do!

Grinning, Kaname went back to petting Toby on the nose fondly.