Toby was wandering through a scenic valley at daybreak when he was suddenly hit with a delightful new human scent. After standing still a moment, mouth open in surprise, Toby quickly shoved his nose to the ground and began sniffing, inhaling deeply and walking along as the scent grew stronger and stronger, enticing the giant dog with its exoticness.

The scent belonged to Katara, a teenage waterbender girl who was practicing waterbending by a small lake on her own. She had brown skin, blue eyes, long brown hair, and wearing nothing but a skimpy white two-piece outfit. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on her waterbending movements, a concentration that was broken by the sound of booming barks.

KATARA: Wh-what the-!?

It was then that she saw the source of the loud noises, and naturally, as Toby was the size of a house, Katara's jaw dropped.


Toby, panting heavily as he looked down at the pretty girl, bent his head down and stuck his tongue out. Katara's eyes widened before shutting instinctively as Toby splatted his tongue against her whole body, lifting upward with a loud slurping noise and bringing Katara to her tip-toes as it did. She grimaced as she was soaked in slobber, while Toby wagged his tail fast and hard as he loudly licked his lips.

KATARA: Eechh! Where did you come from, big fella?

The hound leaned his head down and let Katara see his collar tag.

KATARA: Toby, huh? Hi, Toby! I'm Katara!

Always excited to make new friends, Katara beamed and held her hand out to the dog. He responded with a large, sloppy kiss, drenching her entire arm, prompting her to double over with laughter.

KATARA: Glahahahad to meet you too! You're a lot of fun with girls, aren't you?

Toby nodded, tongue lolling and tail thumping as he did. This made Katara giggle at his playfulness.

KATARA: Working up a thirst there? Here you go!

Lifting her arms, Katara used her waterbending to send a steady stream of water down Toby's open mouth. Toby gulped it down appreciatively, then slapped his tongue back down on Katara in a thankful lick.

KATARA: Hahahahahahahahaha! Don't mention it, boy!

Katara grabbed her hair and squeezed the slobber out of it, looking at Toby with a cheeky smile as she did

KATARA: Is that your way of having fun? 

Toby nodded his head again. Katara chuckled and gestured at her body.

KATARA: And I bet a girl showing this much skin makes it all the more rewarding, huh?

Toby nodded once more, then enveloped her again in his enormous pink tongue. She couldn't help but laugh at this, then looked up at Toby with another bright smile.

KATARA: Hang on, I wanna try something!

Katara bended water beneath her and shot it up like a geyser, raising her upward and onto Toby's back. She then walked up to the dog's nose and sat down upon it, patting it with her hand.

KATARA: You're such a good boy!

The Water Tribe girl then slid down the dog's snout and into the water, curling her body up in a cannonball posture and giving a happy, boisterous shout as she fell in with a splash. She then rose up, smiling as she stepped back on to shore where Toby still stood panting.

KATARA: It was great to meet you, boy!

TOBY: Woof woof!

Toby slurped Katara upward with another great lick.

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