Malina Licked
Malina, an extremely pretty and intelligent Incan teenager, walked into the kennel room of Toby.  She had opened up a caretaking business to earn money and had thus been instructed by Basil of Baker Street to dogsit Toby for him today.  The brown-skinned beauty looked around, but couldn't see any dog.

MALINA: Toby?  Toooo-by!

There was no sign of anything for a while.  Then suddenly the ground shook underneath Malina, causing her to fall down on her butt.  When she looked up, her eyes widened in shock to see a smiling, panting giant dog above her!

MALINA: WAH! Holy guacamole, you're a big one, aren'cha?

The oversized Bassett Hound nods, before reaching down to give this new sitter an affectionate lick.

MALINA: Pffffffft! Hahahahahahahaha!  And friendly!

Toby smacks his lips at this girl's tastiness.  It's so good that he keeps up his barrage of kisses!

MALINA: Heeheeheeheheheheh!  All right, all right! I like you too! 

Toby really enjoys this girl ever so much!  He leans down and allows her to pat him on the nose.

MALINA: That's a good boy!  Yes you are, you're a good boy, Toby!

Toby's tail was wagging rapidly, and soon his tongue was moving as fast as his tail as he panted.

MALINA: Wanna get my scent for future reference? (Winks)

Toby took in a big whiff, then, excited by how good she smelled, rapidly slurped her up and down.

MALINA: Bahahahahahaha!  Man, I love dog slobber!

Toby got so excited from this that he went even faster than before!  Malina chortled even more as it went on.

MALINA: Hahahahahahahahahaha!  So good!

Toby stopped so that his new friend could have a breather.

MALINA: (Rubbing her cheek) I picked the right sitting job, heh!

Toby smiled down at his sitter, who smiled back and winked at him. This earned her another slobbery kiss!

MALINA: D'aaaw! Ahaha!

Toby really enjoyed having this girl around, and had a good time for the rest of the day playing with her. Then, as time flied, Malina had to get going.  

MALINA: (Waving) Goodbye, Toby!  I'll be back to see you again soon, promise!