Mimi Licked
Mimi Tasogare, a cheerful and spunky teenage girl, was being assisted by Basil of Baker Street on a case. The point in the case where a tracking hound was needed to follow a trail had been reached, and Basil whistled for Toby.

BASIL: Toby!

MIMI: Huh?  Who's Toby?

Her question was answered when an oversized Bassett Hound came charging around the corner, stopping and panting joyfully in front of her and Basil.

MIMI: Oh, wow!  He's ginormous!  Coooooool!

Mimi stares at Toby in wide-eyed, smiling fascination.  She then extends a hand into the air.

MIMI: Nice to meet you, boy!  I'm Mimi Tasogare!

Toby took an immediate liking to this pretty girl, and bent down to give her a friendly lick.

MIMI: Waheeheeheehee!  

Basil was trying to leash Toby, but got hit by the dog's wagging tail and sent flying a few yards away.  Neither Toby nor Mimi seemed to notice this, as they both were getting better acquainted.  Mimi grinned and winked at Toby.

MIMI: Looks like we're friends already! Ha ha!

Toby gave her some more slobbery kisses, which made her squirm and squeel with glee.

MIMI: Heeheeheeheehee!  Feels good to be so popular!

Toby was really enjoying this girl's sweet taste, licking his lips to emphasize this.

MIMI: I must taste good, huh?  (Winks and poses) Wanna have s'more?  Hee hee!

Toby pants happily at this thought, so he helped himself, soaking the pretty girl in drool.

MIMI: Hahaha! Man, this is so cool!

Toby stopped because he figured Mimi needed some breathing space, so he backed off.  Mimi giggled and sat down on the ground.  Her long red boots were soaked, so she slipped them off, exposing her bare feet and wiggling toes. These caught Toby's attention, and soon his tongue was all over them, making Mimi's body shake with laughter.


Toby licked all the way up her legs, tickling her even more to the point of tears.


Finally Toby stopped and let Mimi recover from her laughing fit, as well as take a little breather.

MIMI: Oh geez, I'm covered in dog slobber!  That's so gross that it's awesome! Hee hee!

Toby was glad to hear this as he panted away.  Basil finally makes it back over.

BASIL: Toby! Stop goofing around, we have a case to solve!

Toby gave an affirmative bark, with Mimi giving a fist pump.

MIMI: Right! Let's get going!

They all took off, ready to bust the criminal they had been informed of.