Misa Grossed Out
Videl walks in to Toby's kennel, smiling at the giant dog as he greets her with his tongue like usual.  She then produces a handkerchief from her pocket.

VIDEL: OK, Toby, I want you to sniff the owner of this thing out!  Her name's Misa Amane.  She's a criminal and a model! Sounds good, right?  

Videl punctuated this statement by sticking her fingers in her mouth and giving a wolf-whistle, since she found Misa to be very attractive. This excited Toby, who began sniffing the handkerchief rapidly, letting its owner's delicious scent fill his nose.

VIDEL: Got it?  You got her scent?

The large Bassett Hound nodded, then dashed off to find the path of this menace. Misa wasn't exactly hiding very well, and she was walking down the street humming to herself when she heard Toby's barks getting louder and louder.  Eyes wide with shock and fright, Misa turned around and saw the dog headed her way.

MISA: Oh no!  

Immediately, the sexy blonde teen idol broke into a fast run, but Toby was really close on her tail.

MISA: Nooooooo! Misa-Misa doesn't wanna get cauuuuught! No waaaay!

Toby soon managed to corner this criminal and he slurped her up, taking in her taste.  Misa is appalled.

MISA: Eeeeeeyeeeeeeeew! Groooooooooosss!

The over sized dog then kept up his fun with the little delinquent, no doubt drowning her in dog slobber.

MISA: Aaaaaah!  No, stop it!  Aaaaaagh! That's disgusting!

Misa pushes her arms and hands out in front of her, trying to shield herself. However, it proves to be no help, as Toby just licks them repeatedly to no end.  This tickles Misa, and she begins to laugh.

MISA: Ahahahahahaha! N-nohohohohoooo!

Toby enjoyed this girl's laughter as much as her taste, so he sped things up.


Toby then started licking around her midriff, tickling her even more.


The model's legs were kicking rapidly from all this tongue-involved action. Seeing this, Toby smacked his lips eagerly before licking her long, sexy legs, which in turn made her laugh even harder.


Toby leaned down and began slurping across Misa's bare shoulders, which tickled her immensely.


Misa's legs kicked so much, she flung her shoes off. Toby pants in delight before diving his head down and licking across the girl's soles.


Finally Toby stops, panting heavily while allowing Misa to get up.  Misa grins at the dog.

MISA: Awww, you're so cute!  Where'd you come from, boy?

VIDEL: He's with me, Misa!

MISA: Heheh...I shoulda figured as much.  Guess Misa-Misa is caught, huh?

VIDEL: Afraid so!  Am I gonna have to cuff you or will you come peacefully?

Misa raises her hands in the air in surrender, giggling sheepishly.

MISA: I give, I give! Take me away!  

VIDEL: Good!  I think I'm gonna have you sentenced to Toby's kennel!  You like the sound of that, boy?

MISA: Fair enough! I actually love him now!

Toby nodded excitedly before giving a large slobbery lick to each girl, causing them to giggle like mad.

MISA: Hee hee!

VIDEL: Aw, Toby!

MISA: Toby, huh? Such a nice name for a nice doggie!

Taking this complement, Toby then gave Misa a nice, big lick all the way up her thin body.

MISA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh, Toby, I love you too!

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