Misa Surprised

Misa Amane screamed as she dashed as fast as her long legs could carry her, occasionally stumbling as she struggled to stay ahead of her pursuer, who could be heard loudly howling, barking and panting in the distance. It was Toby, who had been assigned to sniff out the criminal teen model once again and was now hot on her heels!

MISA: Ooooh, why Misa-Misa? Whyyyyyy Misa-Misaaaaaaaaa?


MISA: Ah! Get away from Misa-Misa!

Eventually, Misa tripped over, causing her to fall flat on her face, and leaving Toby to lick the cute criminal!

MISA: Oof! That was...Gah!

When Misa got up, she came face to face with Toby's mattress of a tongue mere inches away from her face. This caused her to crawl away, but she was unable to avoid the incoming lick.  SPLAT!  Toby's tongue slurped up Misa's body so roughly that her black leather jacket was swept right off, leaving her bare shoulders and arms exposed.  The jacket was swished around in Toby's mouth as he smacked his lips before swallowing it, licking his lips complimentarily. His tongue panting as he smiled brightly, he looked the sexy black-clad girl directly in her eyes as she stared back in an intimidated silence. 

MISA: Y-you're just getting started with Misa-Misa, aren't you?

After nodding his head eagerly, Toby swung his tongue back down upon the beautiful blonde. Misa could do nothing but cringe as the big playful dog licked her entire height with a single loud slurp. In spite of herself, Misa couldn't help but start giggling, and she rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.

MISA: I guess I shoulda known! Heheh!

Toby nodded to confirm Misa's suspicions before slapping her in the face with his great tongue another time. Seeing her crack a smile, he started sniffing her over, noticing that the shift in her emotional state changed the scent she exuded, and she actually smelled even better than before!  Misa giggled as Toby sniffed her, reaching out and petting his nose with her hand in the process.

MISA: Oh, you silly doggie!

Toby panted with happiness at Misa's newfound show of affection for a few seconds, then put another huge lick upon her long, fishnet, covered legs followed by a sweep of his tongue upon her slinky black mini-dress, soaking it with a heavy helping of dog drool. Misa lifted one leg behind the other in reaction as she laughed.

MISA: Eeeheeheeheeheehee! Hey, that tickles!

Toby kept licking her smooth legs, doubling over Misa's laughter.

MISA: Tehahahahahahahahahahahaha! Stohohohohop!

Misa tried pulling her legs away from Toby, failing of course as Toby could easily reach Misa's legs with his massive tongue. He loudly slurped at Misa's thighs and skirt as she laughed it up.

MISA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Cuhuhuhuhut that out!

Toby wasn't backing down though, and kept at it. Misa tried pushing Toby off playfully, but failed due to Toby's massive tongue stopping her from doing so as they slurped across her arms and hands.

MISA: Ooooooh! Ooohahahahahahahahahahahahaaa!

Soon the polish was licked off of each of Misa's fingernails, as was her lipstick as Toby gave her a full-face lick. Misa looked at her nails and noticed as she commented.

MISA: Oh wow! That's one powerful tongue!

Toby let said tongue hang out of his mouth, slowly sliding out of his mouth. And once it slid out all the way, he slapped it right onto the Misa's face and dragged it up.

MISA: Hahahahahahahahaha! I was definitely right about that!

Toby decided to repeat this, knocking her around a bit with each lick.

MISA: Tehahahahahahahahahahahaha! OK, OK, calm down!

Toby wasn't gonna be calming down soon however, and continued pounding her pretty face with his massive tongue.

MISA: Bwaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa! Oh, geheeheeheeheeheez!

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