Toby, the enormous basset hound of Baker Street, was sitting on the beach relaxing one morning when a frisbee landed in front of him. To the dog's astonishment, one of the prettiest, nicest looking girls he had ever laid eyes on came running over to fetch it, gasping when she saw Toby. This was Nia Teppelin, an innocent teenage princess.

NIA: Oh! H-hello!

Nia slowly raised her hand and managed to wiggle her fingers in a little wave. She was overly worried that this dog might be as threatening as his size. But these worries proved unfounded when Toby's massive tongue pressed itself against Nia's petite body, licking her up her front side and leaving her dripping wet. She then broke into laughter.

NIA: Ahahahahahahahahaha! Oh, wow!

Toby smacked his lips before licking them thoroughly. This was some taste!

NIA: It's a good thing you're friendly! You are a good doggy! Yesyouare!

Toby's tail wagged in excitement and he panted loudly before slurping the princess again.

NIA: Heeheehee! Hey! That tickles!

This exclamation prompted Toby to give another sloppy wet kiss. This one was more soft and slow, which just made it tickle more.


But Toby followed up with another lick, his tongue making a loud splatting noise as it pressed against Nia and then licked up with such force that Nia's entire outfit was pulled from her body, exposing her white bathing suit and shorts underneath.


As Nia laughed, Toby bent down and pushed his tongue against the princess' body, sniffing her over and inhaling her delightful scent. This got her into a fit of giggling. Once the dog was through, he immediately swiped his tongue across her again, lifting her to her tip-toes.


Toby's tongue pressed harder against her cheek, lifting it up and making it bounce as it slurped off it. Nia giggled with delight as she clasped a hand to her cheek, rubbing it as she beamed at Toby.

NIA: I must taste really, really good, huh?

Toby nodded vigorously, smacking his lips. He then proceeded to give Nia another lick, his tongue getting as much of her taste as possible while she laughed her pretty head off.

NIA: Heehee! Well, I have a friend who probably tastes just as good! You want to meet her? Do you?

The giant dog panted happily and nodded his head before licking Nia one more time.

NIA: Weeheeheeheehee! OK, OK! Follow me!

The princess sprinted off, Toby thundering close behind her.


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