Princess Peach casually walked through the portal into her bed chamber, exhausted from a long day of royal duties.  She was looking as beautiful as ever in her pretty pink dress, elegantly holding up the 2-toned skirt as she stepped towards the far end.  She was halfway across when the sounds of paw steps and panting behind her drew her attention.  She looked back towards the entrance, and sure enough, there was her friend Toby, the giant basset hound. The great dog looked happier than ever to see Peach again. Peach’s blue eyes lit up with excitement and she smiled while she spoke.

PEACH: Toby! You found your way into my castle!

Toby trotted over to Peach and eagerly sniffed every inch of her he could. He panted with anticipation as she petted his head and sweetly talked.

PEACH: H-hee!  I know why you came here to see me!

Wasting no time, Toby put his tongue on Peach’s waist and gave several long powerful slurps up through her upper body and face. Toby’s warm saliva sprayed everywhere as he showered the lovely princess in affection.

PEACH: HahaHA! You came to lick my dress again, didn’t you, boy? Is that why?

Peach started rubbing the side of Toby's face and continued cooing. The big friendly dog answered by reaching Peach’s skirt with his wet tongue and with many SLIPSLIPSLURRPSLURRP-KHEE-YUUPE! sounds, licking up the side of her dress over and over again, leaving sheets of thick wet dog drool on her previously-immaculately clean dress.  Peach was stunned at the sloppy show of affection.  Toby could see this as he smacked his jowls to savor Peach’s sweet scent and taste.  Her skin and the satin she wore was just so addicting!

PEACH: Haha..oh wow!  Did you miss me, big guy?

Toby nodded repeatedly at the question before wrapping his great big tongue around Peach’s right cheek and loudly slurping across her face and left cheek, pouring more slobber onto her dress in the process.  He then turned his attention back to her right side, and moving his tongue with amazing speed, he gave the pretty princess lots and lots of licks on her hand, arm, and puff-ball sleeve.  Peach touched her moist cheek and smiled.  She then noticed that while her right side was soaked, there was considerably less of Toby’s drool on the front of her dress.

PEACH: Hey I have an idea, Toby.

Peach jumped in the air and levitated several feet off the ground.  Toby lifted his head slightly in response.

PEACH: This should make it easier to reach the hem of my skirt.  And I can reach you more easily too.

Toby’s tongue began to water at the thought while Peach petted the side of his head.

PEACH: That’s it. Now, lick!

All too happy to oblige, Toby issued a slow slobber-filled doggy kiss, touching Peach’s shiny shoes, her dress hem, her flared skirt, her lap, smooth bodice, neck, soft face, and forehead with his tremendous tongue.  As the beautiful princess floated before him, the gentle giant dog licked the front of her gorgeous dress thoroughly while she occasionally touched his tongue with her gloved hand.  Peach then removed the long white glove so Toby could taste the skin on her palm.

PEACH: Teehee. Good Toby! I think I need to recharge my power for a second.

Peach started slow-falling back down. The motion was enough to push her skirt up slightly. Seeing the chance it provided, got his tongue up under the skirt and with a watery *SLURRRRP* noise licked the frilly white slip underneath. He then surrounded Peach’s gorgeous legs with his big licker and slurped away at her knees and thighs while Peach giggled and squeezed her thighs together while trapping her 2 hands between them.

PEACH: Heeheehahahee!  I forgot how much that tickles!

Peach reached the ground and started recovering her breath. Toby rested briefly too before he started panting again and looking at Peach with more affection than ever.

PEACH: want more don’t you?

TOBY: Yeayeayeayeayeayeayea!

PEACH: Sure thing, my friend!

Peach jumped up high yet again, this time, her back was facing Toby’s mouth as she petted him in the air.  Toby saw that the back of Peach’s beautiful pink dress was still relatively untouched, so he unfolded his great tongue and affectionately licked behind Peach’s gown several times, getting a lot of slobber in her long blonde hair as well.  He also made sure to lick her cheeks and behind her neck while tasting her dress so he could savor her skin as well. With his next lick, he lifted Peach’s skirt from behind and slurped her delicate petticoat repeatedly. 

PEACH: HahaHA!  Some girls would have issues with being covered in dog germs, but I know it’s your way of showing that you love me!

With Peach’s skirt still raised up in back, Toby proceeded to tickle her legs from behind, getting more sensational tastes her bare skin. Peach once again squeezed her hands with her thighs bracing for the tickling as she giggled happily in response. Toby then licked behind her legs downward, all the way down to the back of her heel, getting enough of his tongue into her shiny pink shoe to knock it off. Seeing her foot now exposed, he licked underneath it.

PEACH: Hohahahaha!  Tha-a-t re-hehe-lly ti-i-i-ckles!

It tickled so much Peach flipped over the air and started to descend back down. Fortunately, Toby caught her with his tongue and gently laid her on the floor. He then licked her bare foot a little bit more.

PEACH: (giggling crazily) Oh oh, OK Toby, give me a second here!

Recovering her breath Peach stood back up, put her shoe back on, and gently rubbed Toby’s jowl.

PEACH: Thanks for that wonderful kiss goodnight, Toby. I love ya!

Peach cutely curtseyed to her big canine pal. Toby gave the tall princess one more slobbery lick, catching a final taste of her dress and face for the day before he took off. 

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