Toby Smells Ivy
Basil of Baker Street, the Great Mouse Detective, was on the trail of the teenage Gotham supervillain Pamela Isley, better known as Poison Ivy, who had been committing crimes in the area.  Having obtained a leaf from her leafy dress, Basil had come to get the assistance of Toby, who was happy to see him.

BASIL: Now, Toby.... I want you to find... this fiend!

He pulls out the leaf and Toby begins growling fiercely.

BASIL: (barking and growling along with Toby) Yes, you know her type! (barks) Villain! (barks) Scoundrel! Green eyes! Yellow skin! Flowery hair!

At this last one, Toby stops, confused. A plant girl? Toby thought.

BASIL: Oh, she's a teenage girl with flowery hair.

Toby sniffed the leaf again, and realized that the scent was actually really good! The dog began to ponder what to do. This girl was a criminal, but he didn't want to have to bite or hurt her. She smelled too nice for that! Then an idea came into his head on how to subdue her, and he barked joyfully, hardly able to wait to do it!

BASIL: Got her scent?

Toby nods his head excitedly.

BASIL: Good boy, good boy! Toby...sic her! Go on!

Toby runs off to find Poison Ivy, accidentally trampling his master as he does. He sniffs all around the streets until finally he gets a whiff of her lovely scent. The giant dog howls in triumph before running to where she's staging a heist.  The feisty teenage villain was perfectly cool and composed until she heard the distant barking.

IVY: (Gasp!) It's Toby! Aw no...

Upon seeing Toby coming her way, Ivy was stricken with fright, causing her to shake a little.  She knew all about this dog and didn't want to get mauled by him, so she raised up a barrier of vines to protect herself. 

IVY: Now I just have to command vines from underground to pull me down so I can make my escape....Crap!

Just then, Toby's teeth rip through the vines, making Ivy scream and fall down on her butt.  The enormous hound chomps on the vines and swallows them whole before gazing down at Ivy, who is cowering and scooting backward.

IVY: (shaking her head) N-no!  Please no! I'm begging you! 

Toby, tongue lolling out, nods his head in response, making Ivy shield herself with her arms and brace herself for an attack.  Toby swings his tongue down on her and gives her whole body a great big lick.  After this is done, Ivy blinks in astonishment and takes a moment to realize what just happened before making a funny face.

IVY: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Toby licked his lips at the fresh taste he got from the human-plant hybrid.  Ivy sees this and is horrified, knowing what it means for her, and so she tries to scramble to her feet and run away.  But Toby's tongue slaps her on the backside, lifting her up into the air as she's licked by it.

IVY: Waaaaah! Knock it off!

But Toby only responds by licking her plant legs, soaking them from toes to thigh.

IVY: to tickle like crazy! Hehehehehe!

Toby repeated the motion, this time licking all the way up to her neck.

IVY: Heeheeheeheeheehee! That's enough! Easy now!

But Toby was determined to punish this bad girl even more, so he continued to smother her with his slobbery tongue.

IVY: Heeheeheehahahahaha! Alright already! Stop!

Toby shook his head and then continued, unwilling to stop until she surrendered herself over to the law completely. Besides, he wanted more of that good vegetable taste!

IVY: Hahahahaheeheeheehee! Heel, heel!

But the dog kept at it until Ivy finally passed out.  Picking her up gently with his mouth, Toby set off to deliver her to the authorities.  Hopefully, they'd sentence her to his kennel.  Then he could see alot more of her! He sure hoped it would turn out that way.

Toby's wish came true when Basil took note of Ivy's condition when she was brought in. When she awoke, he addressed her directly about her fate.

BASIL: So, Ivy, ready to be with Toby for a while? Because you are hereby sentenced to the kennel!

IVY: No way! You can't do that!

Toby then proceeded to give her whole pretty face a sloppy lick. Ivy burst out laughing.

IVY: Well, on second thought, I guess it couldn't be that bad!

BASIL: All right, then! It's done!

And to this, Toby gave her face yet another sloppy lick in gratitude.

IVY: Tehahahahahaha! Thank you, Toby!