Reina Giggle
Videl entered Toby's kennel room, dragging someone else behind her. The tomboyish law-enforcing teen wore a wide smirk on her face when Toby, the giant basset hound, thundered into view, his tongue lolling out happily.

VIDEL: Hey, Toby! Guess who I've brought to see you?

Videl yanked forward the person behind her: Reina, the sexy female criminal whom Toby had helped her apprehend after their first meeting. Looking up at Toby, Videl pointed directly at Reina and gave a playful wolf-whistle, hoping to get Toby more pumped up for fun, and less likely to stop! To Reina's horror, it worked!

REINA: Aw, no! Not again!

VIDEL: Oh yes! I hope you finally warm up to Toby this time.

Before she knew it, Reina had the huge, wet pink slab that was Toby's tongue pressed against her entire body, lifting her to her tip toes as it slurped off her in a great spray of saliva.

REINA: Yecch! Um, nice to see you again, I guess? Heh...

In spite of herself, Reina couldn't help but smile at Toby. The big dog just looked so cute with his tongue lolling out and tail wagging happily at her, that she just couldn't stay mad at him. When he leaned his head down, Reina giggled and reached up to scratch him behind the ears.

REINA: Good dog, Toby! Very good doggy! Hehehe!

Toby barked and licked the underside of Reina's chin, swiping off it in yet another slobbery spray. The dog smiled and licked his lips afterward. Wanting more of her salty taste, Toby placed his long, slobbery tongue upon Reina's long skirt and licked her dress, bare shoulders, face, and forehead in one loud slurp.

REINA: Hee hee hee! Take it easy, boy! I love you too!

But Reina tasted even better than he remembered her, and Toby didn't hesitate to swing his tongue back against her, lifting her entire body up as it thoroughly soaked through her red silk dress.

REINA: Eeep! Heeheehee!

Reina ran a hand through her green hair and then placed it on her cheek as she beamed up at Toby, who continuously panted down at her.

REINA: Y'know, despite the, er, circumstances, I'm really glad I got to meet such a great dog! Never really thought it would be this nice!

VIDEL: Glad you feel that way!

Toby responded to this by giving Reina another wet, smothering lick, soaking her to the bone!

REINA: Dawhahahahahahaha! Good boy!

VIDEL: Heheheheh! Gotta love the taste of green-haired babes like Reina, huh, boy?

Toby also loved dark-haired girls just as much, so he proved it by slurping Videl.

VIDEL: Hahahaha! Good dog, Toby!

REINA: Hahaha! Couldn't agree more with that!

So, Toby gave both girls a consecutive lick across their chests.

GIRLS: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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