Rui's jaw dropped in awe the moment she laid eyes on Toby. She had heard of this giant basset hound and went to the kennel to see if he was a big as they said, and he certainly did not disappoint! Plucking up the courage to move, Rui lifted her arm up in greeting and smiled.

RUI: Um...hey, there! Nice to meet you, boy! I'm-

But the tomboyish redhead was cut off from her friendly introduction by the sound of a loud SSSSSLUUUUUURP! as Toby's enormous tongue slapped right against the front side of her body and swept all the way up, lifting her to her tiptoes in the process before raining slobber down upon her. Immediately, she burst out into loud, adorable laughter.

RUI: Hahahahahahahaha! That felt fun!

Toby followed this up by giving a barrage of licks, slobber flying all over the place.

RUI: Hehahaha! Alright, alright! I like you too, boy!

Another great lick swept across Rui's body, with the giant tongue actually flinging the blue jacket off of her body and leaving her bare arms and shoulders exposed. Naturally, Toby wasted no time before licking those too.

RUI: Ohohohohohohoho my! That tihihihickles!

Toby then planted his tongue onto Rui's exposed midriff, and dragged it all the way up to her face.

RUI: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

The dog then stopped to pant, his warm breath blowing all over Rui.

RUI: Wow, this feels nice!

As Rui was enjoying the warm breath of Toby being blown on her, the panting soon came to a halt as Toby gave her face a big lick.

RUI: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good boy!

Rui wiped her face with the back of her arm, then braced herself for the next lick she knew was coming.

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