A small group of people had come to Basil of Baker Street for help, and he in turn had fetched his enormous hound Toby for assistance. The only girl among the group, a blue-haired tomboy by the name of Runo Masaki, bolted the moment she heard Toby's earth-shaking footsteps approaching, and hid behind a curtain.

But Runo's scent was too strong to avoid detection from Toby's nose, and the moment he sniffed it in, he was off and sniffing all around the floor, following Runo's trail. At last, he came upon the curtains and saw a pair of knobby-kneed scrawny legs protruding from them. Delighted, he swept his tongue across them.

RUNO: Yiii!

Runo jumped out from behind the curtains, then gazed at Toby in awe as he smiled and panted at her.

RUNO:'re Toby, right? H-hi there!

A bright smile crossing her face, Runo waved energetically at the giant dog, all fear forgotten. Toby responded by giving Runo a big friendly lick across her whole petite body, a wave of dog slobber drenching her as he did, making her bend one leg behind her back in reaction.

RUNO: Aaaaahahahahahahahahahahaa!

Toby really enjoyed the taste of Runo, and he very loudly smacked his lips and then licked them thoroughly to show this. Runo blushed as she put a hand on one of her wet cheeks.

RUNO: Heheheheheh! Wow, how flattering! I bet alotta girls admire how affectionate you are! I know I do!

This was responded to with another lick across her whole petite body. She fell back to the floor and curled up on it, clutching her ribs in a fit of gleeful laughter.

RUNO: Weeheeheehahahahahahahahaaaa! Good doggie!

As Runo recovered from her laughing fit, Toby sniffed her with his nose pleasantly. 

RUNO: Heeheeheehahahaha! Do I smell nice?

Toby nodded his head vigirously, tongue hanging out of his smiling mouth.

RUNO: Hehehe! Good to know! 'Course I taste even better, huh? Care to be the judge of that?

Not two seconds after posing the question, Runo got her answer through Toby's enormous tongue bearing down on her again, and throuoghly drenching her, followed by the giant dog thoroughly licking his lips once again.

RUNO: Heeheeheehee! Good boy!

Runo held both cheeks and fell to her knees as she laughed. Toby continued to softly but wetly lick her, his tongue sliding up her body repeatedly, sending her into more giggly fits as she fell on her side, wriggling on the ground.


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