Saria Leaves
Toby is on another case in a forest, this time the magical Kokiri Forest. The enormous basset hound puts his nose to the ground as he sniffs along the trail. He halts when he suddenly picks up a new and delicious scent, the scent of a Kokiri girl named Saria. Giving a happy howl, Toby thunders along the path through the Lost Woods toward the Sacred Grotto, where Saria is relaxing.

The green-haired tomboy jolts up from her bed of leaves when she hears the howl and feels the earth shaking from Toby's massive footsteps.

SARIA: Wh-what in the world...!?

She looks up to see the giant dog looming over her and panting as her jaw dropped.

SARIA: Aaaaaaah!

Saria is scared, but unable to move. Toby looks down at her happily, and starts sniffing her.

SARIA: ........H-hello there?

The tiny girl nervously pats Toby's nose. Toby then decides to give her a LITERAL watering!  Saria gasps as the force of Toby's big pink tongue lifts her up in the air a little.  When she plops back down, she's laughing.

SARIA: Hahahahahahahahaha!  Wow!

Toby liked this new girl on sight, on smell, and on taste!  He gave her another warm lick, making her giggle more.

SARIA: Heeheehee! Aww, you're nice! I like that about you, (Reads his tag) Toby!

Standing up, Saria holds out her hand to the dog, who promptly kisses it, drenching it to the wrist.

SARIA: Ahahaha!  It feels so slobbery!

That's all Toby needed to hear, before slurping her again, making her fall back to the ground as she laughed.

SARIA: Silly doggie, hee hee!

Toby kept it up, and she was soaked in seconds, slobber trailing down her green hair, tunic and shorts.

SARIA: You must really like the way I taste, huh?

Toby nodded estatically down at her.  Saria chuckled and then awaited the dog's tongue, which she didn't have to wait very long for.  Toby smiled as he tasted more of Saria's smooth skin.

SARIA: Heeheeheehahahaha! You're a lot of fun, Toby!

TOBY: Woof woof! (Panting)

They smiled at each other for a long while, until Toby had to go, leaving after giving Saria one last lick.

SARIA: Goodbye, boy! We'll meet again!

And with help from Princess Zelda, they would!