Kaname Chidori walked into Toby's kennel room wearing a slim, sexy blue dress. Grinning, she put her hands on the sides of her mouth.


She then stuck her hands in her mouth and gave the loudest possible whistle to attract the giant basset hound, who sure enough came running toward her in an excited rush. She started petting the side of his big brown face and giggled. Then she stepped back and twirled around, showing off her dress.

KANAME: Hi there, boy! How does my dress look?

Toby responds immediately by dragging his huge tongue up the side of her face, lifting her cheek up.

KANAME: Hahahahaha! I'm glad you like it! And hey, I got something else you'll like too!

Kaname withdrew a ribbon and held it up to Toby's nose for him to smell. Toby instinctively began to sniff the ribbon, and with each new, deep, loud sniff he took, the smile on his face widened.  There was a human scent on the ribbon, and it smelled absolutely amazing!

KANAME: Like that smell? That's my friend, Tessa! She's a real cutie! I'm talking A+ cute!

Sticking her fingers in her mouth, Kaname gave the loudest, longest wolf-whistle possible, stamping a foot hard on the floor as she did so to further emphasize her point. WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Stomp, stomp, stomp!

This got Toby panting very loudly and heavily, his tail thumping against the ground in excitement.

KANAME: Heh, you wanna go get 'er, boy?

Toby's response was an obvious nod and a big lick to the side of Kaname's face.

KANAME: Hahaha! Then go get her!

The giant dog thundered off, sniffing all along the ground and occasionally taking some nice, loud whiffs of the air until he caught Tessa's scent and bounded off toward the source: the petite teenage captain herself. Tessa stumbled and fell as the ground shook beneath her due to heavy footsteps coming her way.

TESSA: Aaaaaaaaah! Wh-what's that!?

Tessa turned around frantically for the source until she found a giant basset hound charging towards her, his tongue flopping about as he did so.

TESSA: Eeek!

Tessa started to sprint towards the other direction, afraid this giant dog might attack her - which of course wasn't what Toby was intending, and Tessa only found that out the hard way when Toby caught up to her and gave a huge, sweeping lick across her backside, lifting her up in the air. 

TESSA: Aaaaaaaaah!

When Tessa landed, she turned around and received an equally big - and slobbery - lick up her frontside.

TESSA: Oh! Oh, myhyhyhyhyhyhyhyhy!

A surprised but delighted smile spread across Tessa's face as she clasped her wet cheeks with both hands, looking up at Toby as the enormous hound licked his chops. Tessa tasted as amazing as she smelled!