Tink Doghouse
Peter Pan and his tiny pixie companion Tinker Bell flew into the open window of 221B Baker Street one evening. Sherlock Holmes was away on a case, and it was the perfect opportunity for Peter to explore the lounging place of this great detective he'd heard about during his frequent visits to London.

PETER: Wow, he sure has alot of neat stuff!  Huh, Tink?

But Tinker Bell wasn't really interested in any of this like Peter was. The sassy little blonde sprite was bored and floated away from what Peter was observing to go observe herself in a mirror instead.  

PETER: T-Tink? Where'd ya go?  

As she did, she happened to fly by the doghouse of Holmes' large hound dog, Toby. There Toby was fast asleep until the fairy's scent entered his nose. When Toby sniffed in this strange new smell, his eyes opened and he immediately set out to find the source of it.

Finding a hand mirror lying on the ground, Tinker Bell stood atop it and smiled, striking sexy poses to admire as she gazed at her reflection.  Then something appeared behind her in the reflection: a dog!  The dog smiled and panted heavily as he loomed above the lovely tiny girl, who gasped and turned around to face the animal.

SLLLLLLUUUUUURRRRP!  The moment her eyes made contact with Toby's, Tink found herself smothered by his giant wet tongue, which licked her entire body and left her totally soaked. Peter saw this happen and laughed.

PETER: Well, well! It looks like you've made a new friend, Tink! Hahahahaha!

Tinker Bell, outraged and disgusted, began cursing, which was only heard as chimes.  She then flew away toward Toby's doghouse, where she began to use the mattress there to clean herself off.  But Toby stuck his head through the doghouse's opening, his nose sniffing Tinker Bell over in fascination.  

Annoyed, Tink pressed her hands against the nose and tried to push it away from her. Unfortunately, all this did was give Toby a better smell of her, and the more he smelled her, the more he liked her. Toby then stuck his tongue out and happily licked Tink right in the face. This got Tinker Bell even more grossed out than before!  She spoke, although no-one could understand her.

TINK: Yuck!  (Stomps her feet) Stop it!

PETER: Aw, come on now, Tinker Bell! He's just showing how much he likes you!

TINK: I don't care! It's gross!

Toby nods his head in agreement with Peter before giving the pixie another full-body lick. This time, Tinker Bell twitched a bit before breaking out into laughter. She flitted on top of Toby's nose and began scratching him behind the ear.

PETER: Aw, looks like someone's finally had a change of heart!

Peter grinned mischievously and darted over to Holmes' desk, looking through papers. In the meantime, Toby shook Tink off his nose and licked her again. This got the little pixie laughing all over again. She smiled at Toby as she did her best to wipe away the slobber.

TINK: You sure are friendly; I'll give you that, at least.

The large hound was grateful for these kind words.  Just then, Peter finished signing something.

PETER: There! All done.  Congratulations Tink, you're now signed on for Toby's kennel!

TINK: Wait, what!?

PETER: Now, you'll be seeing your new friend much more often!

Toby licks Tinker Bell once more.  Dripping wet, Tink gives a forced smile.

TINK: Thanks, Peter, that's.....great....just...great.