Videl stepped into Toby's kennel room one evening and stuck two fingers from her fingerless-gloved hand in her mouth. She then gave the loudest whistle possible and called for the giant dog.


At once, Toby came charging around the corner, giving several booming barks in excitement, making Videl wave boisterously at him. He stomped into a puddle of water on the ground, spraying Videl with water and making her laugh as he looked down upon her with a happy grin, his tongue hanging out of his mouth and panting heavily. When Videl gazed up at him, Toby swung his tongue down at her and pressed it against her entire body, giving her a great big lick from her toes to her head!

VIDEL: Eeeheeheeheeheehahahahaha! I'm glad to see you!

Toby's tongue swept off of Videl, a small rain of slobber accompanying it.  Videl then grinned up at the big hound, one eyebrow playfully quirked upward.

VIDEL: Hey, boy! I'm off duty today, so we can play as much as you want to!  You like the sound of that, don'cha, boy?

Toby nodded vigorously, his tongue flopping about as he did, and gave Videl's face a great big loving lick, engulfing it completely before slurping it off.

VIDEL: Hahahahahahahaha! Good to hear! Lay it on me, boy!

With a loud slurp, Toby gave Videl's entire front side the wettest, roughest lick possible, which actually lifted the tomboy a few feet off the ground.

VIDEL: That's it! Keep it comin'!

Toby nodded happily in response, and continued giving her front side similar licks, lifting her off the ground over and over and covering her in his loving drool.

VIDEL: Hehehehehehehehehehehe! Weehehehehehe!

He eventually stopped lifting her up with his mighty tongue, and this time knocked her down with it, and before she even got a chance to get up, he forced her down with a barrage of licks.

VIDEL: Tehahahahahahahahaha! Tohohohohoby!

Videl tried pushing Toby's massive tongue away from her, but couldn't stand the strength of it and ended up having it splattered on her.

VIDEL: Hahahahahahaha! OK, OK! Easy, boy! Easy!

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