Toby's giant nose was pressed hard to the ground and taking in deep sniffs. Each sniff carried the trace of a particular scent into his nostrils, the alluring scent of a human girl, one Yuno Gasai by name. Yuno was a teenage criminal whose bad deeds were motivated out of extreme passion and affection, which earned her the term of "yandere".

As Toby continued to sniff around, Yuno's scent growing stronger and stronger as he traced her steps, the pinkette herself was hiding behind the corner of an old building, occasionally leaning out and taking a peek to see how far or close the dog was to her. The thought that he was smelling her right now made Yuno blush and giggle to herself.

YUNO: Well, I sure hope yanderes smell good to him!

It appeared to her that they did! This was indicated by Toby licking his lips thoroughly as he took in Yuno's smell, his nose making a big SNIIIIIIIIIIFF noise as he did so.  Yuno threw a hand to her mouth in reaction.

YUNO: Hehe! Seems like he likes it!

Toby heard a voice and started looking around, panting heavily. Sniffing the wind, he caught Yuno's scent coming from behind the building, and he even caught glimpse of her pink pig-tails darting around the corner as she hid out of sight once more.


Knowing that Toby has already found her hiding place, she decided to come out of the corner and giggled, a wide grin on her face as she bashfully crossed her legs, one in front of the other.

YUNO: Hehe! Looks like you found me, Toby! What can I say...I smell great!

Yuno finished this sentence with a wink. Hearing this, Toby started panting up a storm and gave Yuno a big slurp up her body, covering the front of it with slobber.

YUNO: Hehehehehehe! That will always feel good!

Turning slightly to the side, Yuno cocked her head as Toby's tongue splatted against the side of her face.

YUNO: Hahahahahahahahaha! Such a good boy you are!

After she said this, she began rubbing the sides of Toby's big old face and cooed at him, making Toby lick her some more, with her giggling all the while.

YUNO: Tehahahahahahahahahaha! Who's a good boy? You are! Yes you are!

Toby pressed his tongue against Yuno's face and slowly licked upward, a waterfall of slobber pouring down on her as it swept off.  Yuno laughed as she placed a hand on her cheek and looked a Toby, who was licking his lips.

YUNO: I guess it's needless to say that the taste of yandere is as good as the smell?

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