Toby Licks Zelda
Princess Zelda of Hyrule walked into the kennel quite unexpectedly one fine day. The beautiful, golden-haired teenage princess had heard of this place and was curious in it. Walking up to the front desk, she asked a question.

ZELDA: Excuse me, I know all the dogs here are big, but which is the biggest?

When the attendent replied that Toby was, Zelda asked to be let into that dog's kennel room.  The moment she entered, the ground shook beneath her as Toby's paws thundered against it.  Soon the dog stood above her, panting.

ZELDA: Woooooooow!  He is big!

But the princess smiled and laughed, completely unafraid of Toby's size.

ZELDA: Hello, Toby! It's a pleasure to meet you! (Curtsies)

Toby bowed, going along with the royal game, and affectionately licked this newcomer's cheek. Zelda laughed and put a hand to her soaking wet cheek, grinning up at the oversized hound as she did.

ZELDA: I see the pleasure's mutual! Hee hee!

Toby then affectionately snuggled up to her, before striking her with his tongue again.

ZELDA: Hahaha! Good boy, Toby!

Toby's tail wagged rapidly, as he enjoyed this polite girl who was now patting him on the nose.

ZELDA: Such a friendly doggie!

As if to agree with this statement, Toby licked Zelda across the face.

ZELDA: (Rubbing her cheek) It feels so wonderful! Hahahaha!

Toby is delighted to hear this, so he licks her repeatedly.

ZELDA: Hahahaha! I love you too, Toby! I'll be sure to visit you frequently!

This got Toby so excited that he picked up the pace!

ZELDA: Pfffhahahahaha!  Toby, you're going to slobber all over my dress! Take it easy!

But Toby just kept on licking the princess, soaking her to the skin.

ZELDA: Heeheeheeheehee! OK, OK!

Toby stopped and just sat contently, sniffing Zelda with his large nose and taking in her wonderful scent.

ZELDA: I smell good, boy?

Toby nodded his head rapidly in response.

ZELDA: That's nice to hear!

Zelda then recieved another warm, wet lick from Toby out of affection.

ZELDA: Hahaha! This has been nice, but I think I have to get going now.

Giving the dog another curtsy, the dripping wet princess walked out the door.

ZELDA: Be expecting me on further occasions, Toby! (Blows a kiss)