The sun was high when Sam, Clover, and Alex hit the beach, ready to have some fun. The three teen beauties were secret agents, and they relished day-offs like this where they could put their work out of mind and just hang out like regular girls. With great enthusiasm, they all went into the water to surf and swim, the current ultimately carrying them down to the most remote part of shore, where no other tourist was...however, there was someone near by. And that someone was Max, a large sheepdog who was having fun sniffing around the beach and seeing what he could find.

Suddenly, he raised his head and took in several deep, loud sniffs. Could that be...? SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF! He had caught the scents of three human skins...belonging to three very pretty human girls! Excited, Max began barking and rushing down the beach to reach them.

Sam perked up at the sound of the barking, looking around. "Did you girls hear that?"

"Yeah, I did! It sounds kind of familiar..." Alex said, mimicking Sam and looking around. "It actually sounded a lot like..."

"Max! Oh my gosh!" Clover shouted, drawing the other two girls' attention as she pointed down the beach at the rapidly approaching mass of white and grey fur, accompanied by the giant pink towel's worth of tongue that flopped around in front of him as he charged towards them. The three girls ran overjoyed to meet him, Max picking up speed as they did so. He was so excited, he couldn't hold himself back any longer!

The girls screamed in a joking way as the sheepdog took a mighty leap at them, giggling as they stumbled backward and plopped down onto the sand. Max panted in all of their faces, his warm breath blowing across them all. Amidst laughter, Clover waved a hand in front of her face and teasingly remarked "Dog breath! Like, yuck!" This remark, of course, focused the dog's attention on the blonde. Clover gave a muffled squeal as Max's giant tongue slapped across her entire face, dragging slowly up her face from her chin to her forehead before slurping off in a spray of drool. Clover gasped, but giggled as soon as she got enough breath back. "Hahahahaha! Oh, I didn't think I'd miss this tongue! Feels great, boy!"

Glad to hear it, Max's tail wagged happily and he dove down again, slapping his tongue onto her cheek and dragging it upward, pushing one of Clover's eyes shut before slurping it off in another shower of drool. The other two girls giggled as well, Sam sitting up. "Come on, Max, don't let Clover have all the fu-Oof!" She was cut off as Max suddenly swung around, his giant tongue slapping against her cheek and rolling the skin up, pushing Sam's eye shut as her cheek rolled up. As Max slurped his tongue off in yet another spray of drool Sam fell back to the ground, giggling as Max stood back up, looking at all three of them in anticipation.

"Hey, Max!" said Alex, who wore the swimsuit that exposed the most skin, "Don't forget about me!" Puckering her lips in a dorky manner, the tan beauty gave a musical whistle to entic the dog. Judging by the increase of slobber streaming down his tongue, it seemed to work. Alex's face was soon smothered by Max's tongue as the dog slapped it across her entire face, dragging it up to her forehead and lifting her cheeks up as the slurp went on and on and on until finally it slurped off of Alex's forehead with a great "Smack!" and a spray of drool.

As Alex slapped the ground and laughed hysterically, Clover attempted to rise to her feet...bare feet that were soon slurped by Max's tongue. "Woah!" Clover squeaked, stumbling and falling back to the ground. Max playfully chomped onto the girl's red makeshift miniskirt and tore it off, leaving her in only her bathing suit. Starting from long legs, Max started licking Clover up her whole body. Clover started laughing hysterically, pounding the sand with her hands as Max dragged his tongue up her stomach all the way up to her chin, slowly pushing her head back until his tongue finally slurped off of her chin in a spray of drool

Max's attention then turned to Sam, who gasped as she saw his tongue fly at her. She attempted to shield herself with her hands, but Max only gladly slurped away at them until they dripping wet and she had to lower them, and the sheepdog immediately seized the opening. His giant tongue flew forward and slapped across the entirety of the redhead's tasty face, and Max's tail wagged happily as he slowly dragged his tongue upward to her forehead before slurping off in a spray of drool. Gasping loudly Sam fell back onto the beach and Max planted his paws firmly on her shoulders, bending his head down as he started slobbering all over her face. Sam kicked and giggled helplessly as Clover and Alex sat up, watching Max's tongue cover Sam's face again and again.

When Clover and Alex drew too close to Max, he stopped licking Sam and took in several deep whiffs with his nose. Both Clover and Alex already smelled great on their own, but the scents of their pale and dark skins so close together was fantastic!

Max spun around, barely giving Clover and Alex any chance to see the giant pink pillow swinging right at their faces. Alex got hit first, Max's tongue slapping against her cheek and lifting the skin up, pushing her eye shut as she was sent staggering backward. Clover got hit next, the same happening to her as Max's tongue slapped against her face. Both girls fell flat on their backs, helplessness to do anything as Max began to lick them everywhere his tongue could reach.

Clover shrieked and squealed with laughter as the dog's tongue slurped across her bare feet, from her heels to her toes. Max then licked her across her legs, making her slap the sand hard as her laughter increased. He then turned to Alex and planted a slow wet lick across her exposed midriff, which elicited laughter from her that was just as hysterical. The giant tongue moved all the way up to her tanned shoulders, sliding across them while making loud slurping sounds, slobber flying everywhere.

Max was excited now, running up and down the line of three girls, his tongue in constant motion as he slapped their cheeks with it in great slobbery smacks, lifting their cheeks up and pushing their eyes shut as they squealed and kicked and giggled while drool flew everywhere. Max eventually changed tactics, planting his paws on each of their shoulders and giving each girl a few good licks from chin to hairline, sending yet more drool flying around as each girl's faces began to turn red.

Hours later, as the sun was setting over the beach, Max walked away happily. Panting at the mere thought of the trio's taste lingering on his big tongue he took one last look at the three unconscious girls that lay on the beach, having laughed themselves silly and blacked out after hours and hours of licking from Max's big tongue. He knew that he would have a similar encounter with them some time in the future!

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