Namine Smiles
Namine had been released from within the heart of her other self, Kairi, and been told by her to go inside the room just down the hall from where they were.

NAMINE: Is this some sort of surprise?

KAIRI: Oh yeah, and it's a real good one too!

The little blonde Nobody in the small white dress walked into the room, gazing in wide-eyed, open-mouthed amazement. It was exactly like Destiny Islands!  

Pluto, who had gone onto the beach for a romp while he waited for what Kairi had promised, sniffed the wind and caught Namine's scent, which smelled almost exactly like Kairi's but with just the slightest of difference.  The excited dog barked and bounded over to where she was, making her jump a little.

NAMINE: Pluto!

Pluto panted heavily, then licked his lips eagerly as he looked at Namine.

NAMINE: It's great to see you again!

PLUTO: Woof woof!

The dog got close to Namine, then pressed his wet tongue against her dress and licked all the way up to her face.

NAMINE: Ha ha! That tongue of yours still hasn't lost it's slobbery charm!

Pluto nodded his head excitedly before slurping away at Namine's knees and thighs.

NAMINE: It hasn't lost it's power to tickle, either! Heeheehee!

Panting excitedly, Pluto pressed his paws against Namine and knocked her down as he began licking her cheeks.

NAMINE: Heeheeheehahahahaha! Oh, Pluto! You know how to make girls smile!

Glad to hear this, Pluto gently bit off Namine's sandals and began slobbering all over her bare feet.

NAMINE: Heeheeheehahahahahahahahaha! P-Pluto, no! My feet are still t-t-ticklish! Hahaheeheehee!

Oh, Pluto knew that, and smiled as he continued swiping his tongue across her toes.


Pluto then licked Namine's soles, his tongue slowly pressing against them as it went upward and downward.

NAMINE: Heeheeheehahahahahaha! Oh, Pluto! You're too sweet!

That's exactly what Pluto thought about Namine, and to show this he licked her from shoulders to cheek.

NAMINE: Heeheeheehahahahaha! Aw, I love you too, boy!

Pluto licks her from chin to forehead before panting heavily, breathing on her.

NAMINE: Alright, boy, time to let me up now.

PLUTO: Woof woof!

The dog does as he's told, backing off of the blonde and allowing her to get to her feet.

NAMINE: (Ruffling Pluto's fur) That's a good dog. Hee hee!

Pluto panted through the ruffling, and his tail wagged as well.  He gave Namine's cheek another sloppy lick.

NAMINE: (Rubbing her cheek) Ha ha! So wet and so fantastic!

Kairi walks on over to the scene, giggling.

KAIRI: Tell me about it!

NAMINE: Oh, hey!

PLUTO: Woof!

Pluto jumps up and gives Kairi a warm lick on the cheek.

KAIRI: Ha ha! I'm glad to see you too, Pluto!  Did you have a good time with Namine?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah!

Namine smiles and takes Kairi's hands, disappearing as she goes back inside the other girl's heart.  All the dog slobber that was on Namine now appears on Kairi, making her giggle as she bends one leg behind the other.

KAIRI: Wow, you really got her -and me- soaked, boy!

Pluto panted happily that he accomplished the main task of his fun.