Mars Giggle
It was Christmas, and Kairi entered Pluto's kennel room with a gleeful grin illuminating her pretty face. Putting her fingers in her mouth, she gave a loud whistle and then pulled her companion into the room...Mars, the plucky teen commander of Team Galactic, whose hands were tied up with a Christmas ribbon in place of handcuffs.

KAIRI: Plutoooo! Lookie here, boy! I brought you a present! Heeheehee!

MARS: (Rolling her eyes teasingly)

Pluto, barking in excitement, bounded on over to the two redheaded girls. He immediately jumped up and gave Kairi an extra-slobbery Merry Christmas lick in the face, rolling up the skin on her cheek and actually tilting her head to the side, much to her delight. Then, he jumped up at Mars, paws on her shoulders and he began licking her with glee.

MARS: Hahahahahahaha! Merry Christmas, you lovable yellow fleabag!

Kairi giggled as she unwrapped Mars' hands so that she could pet Pluto's head and scratch him behind the ears. This got his tail wagging and his tongue panting rapidly.

MARS: Does that feel good when I do that, boy?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah! (Panting)

Pluto's flopping tongue, slobber streaming down it, began to slurp at Mars' scratching hands.

MARS: Eeee! Ahahahaha!

Mars stumbled backward and fell to the ground with a plop. Pluto's slobbering tongue slapped down on her neck, dragging up her throat and sweeping off the underside of her chin in a spray of saliva.

MARS: Woahahahahahaha!

Pluto then began licking Mars from her chin to her hairline, over and over again. Mars and Kairi kept on letting out girly giggles, Mars from being licked and Kairi from watching it!

MARS: Hahahahahahahaha! Plutohohohohohoho! That tickles!

KAIRI: Heehee! Yeah, that's a good dog! Yesyouare, Pluto!

With one final, massive slurp, Pluto swiped his tongue off of Mars's face. Smacking his lips contently he turned to Kairi, a mischevious glimmer in his eye as he began to slowly advance on her. Wiping her face clean of his drool Mars chuckled to herself.

MARS: Looks like it's your turn, Kairi!

Kairi's smile fell from her face and she laughed nervously, holding out her hands to try and stop Pluto.

KAIRI: H-hey now,'s Mars's turn now, remember?


MARS: Hehehehe! Uh oh!

Pluto leapt at Kairi, and the pretty redhead squealed in surprise as Pluto tackled her to the ground, his enormous tongue pasting itself to her cheek and dragging up it, lifting the soft, warm skin up along with it as a trail of slobber oozed in its wake.

KAIRI: Pahahahahahahaha!

MARS: Yeah! Atta boy, Pluto! Enjoy your other gift!

Kairi laughed as Pluto continued to lick her face with the most utter affection possible. Mars stepped closer, and the moment her delectable scent entered Pluto's nose, he turned around and jumped at her, his tongue splatting across her cheek. Both girls broke into a new wave of laughter.

KAIRI: Hahahaha! Always so much fun!

MARS: (lifting up a hand) Heheheh! Same here!

PLUTO: (nodding in agreement) Yeahyeahyeah!

Pluto licked his lips at Mars' taste, making her giggle.

MARS: So how do you like your gifts, Pluto?

The dog's answer was an agonizingly slow and slobbery lick up Mars' whole face. He speedily turned his head to Kairi and did the same thing to her. Both girls responded with happy giggling. Pluto's tail began wagging even faster as he repeated the licks again and again, his tongue sliding up their faces faster and faster as his slurps grew more and more energetic, as well as more wet and slobbery.

BOTH: Wahahahahahahahahahaha! Pluto!

Pluto then proceeded to sweep his tongue onto each of the readheaded girls' faces one at a time.

MARS: Hehahahahaha! Merry Christmas, Kairi and Pluto!

KAIRI: Hehehe! You too!

PLUTO: Woof Woof!

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