ELESA: Skyla, why are we-?

SKYLA: Trust me, Elesa, this is gonna be great! You're gonna have tons of fun!

ELESA: If you say so...

Two beautiful Gym Leaders from Unova, the spunky redheaded flying ace Skyla and the cool blonde supermodel Elesa, signed in to the kennel, with Skyla then proceeding to drag Elesa toward the room labeled Max. She had convinced her friend that this would be good for her modeling career, but Elesa was skeptical. When the two girls entered the room, Skyla immediately put her hands to the sides of her mouth and called out to the sheepdog rather boisterously.

SKYLA: Maaaa-aaaax! You got some pretty visitors who have come to see you!

ELESA: W-wait, who's Max?

SKYLA: Oh, you'll see!

Just seconds later, Max appeared charging towards them, with his massive tongue hanging out of his mouth. Elesa was then paralyzed with fear, and then grabbed Skyla's shoulder.

ELESA: Wait, no!

SKYLA: Sit, boy!

Max then came to a screeching halt, panting heavily in front of the two.

ELESA: is this thing gonna help with my modeling career?

SKYLA: Well, he's gonna demonstrate! (To Max) So do your thing, boy!

Before Elesa could question her friend any further, she yelped as she felt Max's thick pink tongue splat against her midriff area and lift upward, soaking her clothing.

ELESA: Aaah! My clothes!

Not content with just tasting her clothes, Max planted his paws on Elesa's shoulders and swung his tongue at her stunning face, slowly slurping it across.

ELESA: Aw, yuck!

SKYLA: Hehehe! He's like a big, friendly washing machine for your face! I love him!

ELESA: I guess you could say that.

Max turned to Skyla at this remark and pressed his tongue against her bare midriff, licking upward to her face.

SKYLA: Ohohohohohohohohoho my, that tickles!

Elesa, who was rubbing her face, couldn't help but chuckle as she watched her redheaded friend get licked to death.

ELESA: Well, his friendliness is appealing.

This comment made Max turn back to Elesa and lick her right on the cheek, slobber flying from his tongue as he did.

ELESA: Hehahahahahaha! Good boy!

SKYLA: You bet he is!

Max decided it was Skyla's turn for his love, so, he placed his massive paws right on her chest and began lapping up her entire face!

SKYLA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love you too, boy!

ELESA: Hey, you're right! This is fun!

SKYLA: I know, right?

Just then, Max managed to tackle both of the Unova girls down to the floor, and gave both of them a flurry of wet love, with Max switching between each girl.

GIRLS: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Max then began lathering his large, thick, slobbering tongue all over their exposed midriffs, which increased their laughter by a great amount.



But Max wasn't about to stop now, especially not when the two girls' tastes blended together so well!

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