Videl rubbed her hands together eagerly as she signed into the kennel to see Toby. She hadn’t been to the kennel in a while, busy as she was with her police duties. She had missed the big Basset hound, and she had no doubt that Toby had also missed her. She pushed open the door, grinning as she saw Toby lying on the floor. The Basset hound’s back rose and fell with his breathing, his leg kicking a bit as he dreamed. Videl put her fingers in her mouth and gave a sharp whistle, Toby’s eyes snapping open and focusing on the source of the sound. The Basset hound’s face lit up in joy as he saw Videl, and he barked as he scrambled to his feet and charged at her.

“Hey, Toby!” Videl called, right before Toby’s enormous tongue slapped onto her entire body. Toby dragged his tongue up Videl’s body, lifting her off the floor. He swept it off in a spray of drool, leaving Videl soaked in saliva and giggling. Videl wiped drool off of her face, giggling as she looked back up at Toby. “Did you miss me, boy?”

Toby barked again before his tongue once again came out. It slapped under Videl’s chin this time, Toby’s tongue dragging up her chin and flinging her head back in a spray of saliva that left Videl stumbling backwards. Videl chuckled, wiping her chin again. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She pushed off of the ground, flying up to be level with Toby’s nose. “So, Toby, I’ve been working on my boxing lately, but I missed my usual practice time to come see you.” She got her hands up in a boxing stance and tossed a few jabs before winking at him. “You wanna help me practice?”

Toby nodded energetically, his long ears flapping as his tail began to wag. Videl landed on the ground and Toby crouched down, grinning at Videl as she got her fists up in a ready stance. She grinned at him, winking. “You ready, Toby?”

Toby nodded energetically again, waiting for Videl to make a move. Videl charged at Toby, one fist held out and ready to hit Toby square on the nose. She was stopped square in her tracks as Toby threw his tongue out, its massive wet bulk splatting onto her entire body and flinging her backwards with the force of the lick. Videl’s face looked shock, and she shook it to get rid of the daze that the tongue had forced her into. She charged at Toby again, a fist held straight out to once again hit Toby square on the nose.

Toby’s tongue shot out like a fist of its own, slapping into Videl’s cheek and once again stopping her in her tracks. Videl kept pushing forward with her feet, Toby keeping his tongue on her cheek. The force of the tongue pushed Videl’s cheek up into her eye, closing it as her head was pushed farther and farther back until the tongue finally won out and slid along Videl’s cheek, once again knocking her backwards. Videl skidded to a stop, rubbing the cheek that Toby had smashed with his tongue. She looked up at him, grinning. “Heh…You’re pretty good, Toby.”

Toby grinned again, jerking his head upward as if beckoning her to try again. Videl charged at him again, only to once again be stopped in her tracks as her head disappeared into Toby’s sloppy pink towel of a tongue. Videl was once again thrown backward, her face dripping drool as Toby wagged his tail mischievously. Videl grinned again. “Alright, seems like you’ve got me good on the ground…” She pushed off and flew into the air, winking at Toby. “Let’s see how you handle me in the air!”

With that she flew straight at Toby, a fist cocked back and ready to punch. Toby grinned and got ready. As Videl got closer she suddenly felt a hard weight slam into her belly. With an “oof!” she doubled around it, seeing that Toby’s tongue had buried itself in her belly. “Gyrrrrrgh!” she groaned as Toby’s tongue slurped from her belly to her forehead, slurping off of it in a spray of saliva. Videl fell back towards the ground, managing to get her feet under her to break her fall. She rubbed her belly, chuckling a bit. “Guess you can handle me in the air,” she said, grinning at Toby.

Toby barked appreciatively, then swung his tongue at Videl. Though Videl didn’t mind getting licked by Toby, she didn’t even have time to put her arms up to guard herself before Toby’s tongue was working like a pendulum. His tongue slapped Videl’s cheeks again and again, each lick rolling her cheeks up as they were slapped by the big wet mass. Videl was driven back with each slap, eventually getting her back pressed against the wall. Toby’s tongue slapped against her whole body again and again, slurping her over and over as Videl felt herself be dragged up the wall a short ways before falling to the ground again. All that Videl could see was a massive pink tongue repeatedly slapping her in the face as Toby slurped her silly. Saliva flew all over the place and Videl could only jerk and twitch with each lick, not even able to get a word in edgewise.

Finally, after what seemed like five minutes of frenzied licking, Toby finally stopped and pulled back. Videl’s eyes were closed, and Toby watched as she sank to her knees, then pitched forward, flat on her face, seemingly unconscious from the slobbery assault. Whining worriedly, Toby rolled her over with his nose. Videl groaned and opened her eyes, smiling at Toby. “Heh…Looks like you win, boy." she chuckled, winking at her canine friend.

Toby barked in appreciation before his tongue smothered Videl’s face again.