Vivi Portrait

Vivi is the princess of Alabasta. She is the daughter of Nefertari Cobra and Nefertari Titi. She is one of the main antagonists of the Reverse Mountain Arc, but shortly after traveled with the Straw Hat Pirates for most of the Baroque Works Saga.

Vivi has long wavy blue hair, with two bangs hanging down, one on either side of her head. She most often has her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She is also very slender-bodied, having long thin legs and arms and prominent large breasts.

As Vivi traveled with the Straw Hats, she and Nami became very good friends. Vivi is Nami's opposite in appearance and personality. Nami has a hot-tempered disposition, but Vivi is much more calm and collected. They switch personalities when something devastating happens; i.e. Nami is the one to calm down while Vivi panics. The two form a quick bond and pair together in most situations.