Sakura Haruno, the lovely, spunky pink-haired kunoichi, enters the kennel one day to see her canine friend Toby. However, Toby was out on police/detective work at the moment. Sakura, not wanting to have come here for nothing, decides to visit another dog this time. She chooses the one named Max.

SAKURA: OK, let's see what we got here....huh!?

The girl jumps when she hears loud barking behind her.  She turns around to see a large sheepdog coming her way, panting loudly and drooling heavily!

SAKURA: Hey there! I take it you're Max?

Max nods and pants in response before jumping up and giving Sakura a big lick on the cheek.

SAKURA: Whee! Heehahahahahaha! I'm glad you like me!

Sakura wipes her cheek...only for Max to jump up and joyfully lick the other cheek!

SAKURA: Heeheeheehee! You don't waste time with your kisses, huh boy?

Indeed he didn't, and to demonstrate this, Max jumped at Sakura and placed his furry paws against her shoulders. The weight of the sheepdog knocked Sakura to the ground, and Max then began licking her all over her face.

SAKURA: Heeheeheeheehahahahahahahahahahaha! I made the right alternate choice coming to you!

Max, glad to have this cute, semi-tomboyish ninja with him as well, begins to lick her arms and shoulders too.

SAKURA: Woah, there, big boy! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Take it easy!

But Max loved Sakura's taste so much that he had to have more, bending down and licking her bare legs.

SAKURA: Hahahahahahahahahaheeheeheeheeheehee! OK, OK! I love you too! Just need to settle down!

MAX: Woof woof!

The happy sheepdog of course refused to settle down, and jerked his head up, pressed his furry face up against Sakura's and licked her forehead.

SAKURA: Heeheeheehahahahahahahaha! Oh, God!

As Max continued his licking spree, Sakura's buddy and rival Ino Yamanaka walked into the room, slightly shocked at what she saw.

INO: Hey, Sakura! Tsunade told me to tell you that we oughta be....

Max panted happily at this new girl, then he pounced her immediately and licked her face.

INO: Waaah!  Hahahahahahaha!  This is Max, right? Heheheh!

SAKURA: Yep! Our temporary replacement, since Toby's out doing work! And he's a good boy!

Ino giggles like mad as her cheek is lifted up by Max's big, drooling tongue.

INO: Well, he's not as big, but he's just as slobbery! Heehee!

SAKURA: You can say that again, sister!

Getting to her feet, Ino grabs Sakura by the shoulders and calls over to the sheepdog.

INO: C'mon, boy!  Try us both out at the same time!  We taste even better that way!

Max pants happily at this idea, that he gets started on it right away!

BOTH: Eeeeeeeeeehahahahahahahahahahahahaheeheeheeheeee!

Max takes in both of these girl's wonderful tastes combined, feeling in absolute heaven!

SAKURA: Good boy, Max, good boy! Hahahahaha!

INO: I'm glad we decided to meet you! Hahaheeheehee! We must be smart if we decided that was a good idea!

MAX: Woof!

After nodding in agreement, Max gives the girls one final slurp.